Flexible Packaging
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Flexible PackagingRoll


The application of rolls is for auto packing machine. Our single sheet acts as a barrier for dust, dirt and excessive moisture. It can also be formed into different types of bags such as pillow bags, quay seal bags, flat bottom or gusset bags. The rolls are suitable for filling powder, liquid and solid products. Our rolls can also be customised to meet the respective needs of our clients’.
Flexible Packaging3 Side Seal Bag

3 Side Seal Bag

3-Side Seal bags are the most common type of bags found in the market and are suitable for both food and non-food applications. The bag packaging comes with 3 sides sealed and one opening for filling. Depending on the client’s requirement for packing, the opening can either be on the top or bottom. The sealing is done by our machines to ensure the highest sealing strength overall.
Flexible Packaging4 Side Seal Bag

4 Side Seal Bag

4-Side Seal Bag is formed by sealing the front and back of the bag throughout the perimeter, ensuring all 4 sides are sealed leaving only an opening for filling of contents. This gives security to prevent leakage, a uniform appearance and enhances product protection. As compared to other packagings, 4-side seal bags have a better sealing strength.
Flexible PackagingCenter Seal bag

Centre Seal bag

Centre Seal Bags are one of the most commonly used packagings and also highly cost-effective. They are widely used for food application as well as chemical packaging as the bags can withstand varying temperatures. Centre Seal bags come with a seam in the middle of the bag. They are available with a gusseted area on both sides that offers a higher volume of content.
Flexible PackagingStand Up Pouch with Zipper

Stand Up Pouch with Zipper

With their ability to stand securely on shelves, the pouches provide an excellent replacement for traditional bag-in-box packaging. It has consumer-friendly features such as a convenient tear notch and zip closure. The wide front and back panels allow maximum space for attractive billboard graphics. The production of each pouch is carefully monitored to ensure that it is able to withstand the intended weight.
Flexible PackagingMicro Perforated Bag (Flower and Bread)

Micro-Perforated Bag

Micro-Perforated Bags are bags with pin-sized holes throughout the bag to allow air circulation and escape of moisture. Our bags are suitable for the packaging of fresh produce such as baked goods, flowers and vegetables. Not only these bags can limit the exchange of heat and moisture, they also allow proper ventilation of air and water, protecting the products and keeping them fresh for an extended period of time.
Flexible PackagingWicketted Bag

Wicketted Bag

Wicketed Bags are stacked plastic bags arranged together on a thin metal bar, providing assistance to the dispensing process. They can be used in semi or fully automatic packaging to increase speed. When used in conjunction with a drop sealer machine, it increases the packing efficiency as compared to flat poly bags.
Flexible Packaging

Fruit Bag

Our fruit bag comes with zipper and holes which is suitable to pack fruits.