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Flexible PackagingGarbage Bag

Garbage Bag

Garbage bags are used to hold all sorts of litters or food wastes hence they are best for household and commercial use. Garbage bags are able to hold large capacity and can prevent any leakages. They are light weight but still strong and durable. Our garbage bags come in different sizes and thickness to fit the requirements of our clients. Ideal for household and commercial usage for wastage disposal, our garbage bags are able to hold large capacity and prevent leakages.
Flexible PackagingT-shirt Bag

T-shirt Bag

T-Shirt Bags are shaped like a T-shirt and they provide a convenient way to carry products. They are elastic and lightweight buy yet strong and are able to hold heavy products of any shape. We provide T-shirt bags in different shapes and sizes, including customising designs for our clients.
Flexible PackagingWave/ Varigauge Bag

Wave/ Varigauge Bag

Varigauge carrier bag is the normal standard type of carrier bag used. It is generally made from Low Density Polyethene (LDPE). It is simple yet a stylish bag. The distinct characteristic of this bag is that the thickness around the top handle is usually twice as thick as the bottom area. Therefore, varigauge carrier bag is durable and has a strong support handling.
Flexible PackagingBottom Seal Bag

Bottom Seal Bag

Bottom seal bag is shaped like a tube and is sealed across the bottom width of the bag. The bottom seal is leak resistant and there is a small “skirt” after the seal. Bottom seal bag is designed to withstand heavy weight as it is extremely durable.
Flexible PackagingSide Seal Bag

Side Seal Bag

Side seal bag is made by slit sheeting of film and then folded along one side before being sealed. A reason to consider side seal bag is that it is flexible and has a less rigid configuration.
Flexible PackagingBags on Roll

Bags on Roll

Bags on roll are plastic bags which are perforated for easy tear off and it is sealed at the bottom. Our bags on roll have superior tensile strength. They are so versatile that almost every industry uses it. One of the most widely used industry is supermarkets which are used for packing fruits and vegetables. Our bags are also of high clarity so that contents within the bag can be seen clearly.
Flexible PackagingCourier Bag

Courier Bag / Bubble Wrap

Our courier bags are for freight parcels used by companies with courier service. It provides security as our courier bags are durable and made with quality. The courier bags can be sealed by permanent tape or can re-sealable tape.
Flexible Packaging
Courier Bag

Cling Wrap

Cling wrap also called as plastic wrap or cling film, a plastic film made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) used mainly for covering food items to keep them fresh.
Flexible Packaging
Courier Bag

Pallet Stretch Film

Pallet stretch film is a plastic packaging secure products tightly to ensure their safety during transportation. Stretch Films are commonly used to secure boxes and pallets and protecting them from water, moisture and dust.